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Our equipment is suited for many different jobs, particularly those with limited narrow access. We regularly service or replace our machines to ensure they can reliably perform.

Our equipment includes:

Track dumper

Large mechanical, self-loading wheelbarrow that can hold up to 800kgs per load

1.7 tonne excavator

Capable of access as little as 100mm.


We have a number of attachments to suit a large number of jobs:

  • Augers 200mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm
  • Rock breaker/jack hammer
  • Grab bucket

Tipper truck

Nissan UD tipper truck capable of carrying a 5T payload.

Laser level

Self-leveling, rotating laser to check all heights prior to commencing a dig. This ensures accuracy.

Recommended operators

We also recommend and work with the following operators if you require different sized equipment:

Shane at Right Cut Maintenance – 3.8T excavator wet hire (with operator), access within 1.6 metres

Call Or Email Us

Email or give us a call to chat about how we can help!

Phone: 0419 368 873