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Our services include*:

Tight access excavation

A curse of a lot of new (and older) estates is very narrow access into back yards. Our compact excavator is capable of access through gaps as little as 100mm.

Concrete removal

Using a rock breaker/jack hammer attachment on our excavator to break up any area of unwanted concrete.

Turf preparation

This includes:

  • Cut and level the proposed area
  • Supply, place and level turf underlay (soil) in preparation for turf installation

Hole drilling

Capability to drill up to a depth of 2.4 metres with the following sized auger attachments:

  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • 450mm
  • 600mm

These sizes are suitable for (but not limited to) shade sails, retaining walls, footings and fence posts.

Site leveling and clean up

Includes cut and fill proposed area to required height with use of laser level.

Pool excavation

Excavation of the pool site to your specifications.

Under house excavation

Our compact excavator has the capability of completing under house excavation.

*All services include the removal and disposal of waste, which is charged at cost in addition to our service fee.

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